Two Key Workers Compensation Claim Terms You Need To Know


An important part of the puzzle when it comes to getting workers compensation after an injury or illness is a seemingly simple clause. This clause, "arising out of and in the course of employment, is actually more complex than it first sounds.  To help you understand how it affects your particular case, here's what you need to know about these two factors. What Does Arising Out of Employment Mean? Workers compensation covers accidents, injuries, and some illnesses that happen due to your employment.

16 May 2022

DUI Charges: Some Of The Police Mistakes Your Legal Advisor Can Help You Challenge


Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) does not mean you're guilty; instead, it could be that the police officer suspected that you were not sober when behind the wheel. And in this case, they may want to first confirm that before allowing you to continue driving. Unfortunately, the officers might make several mistakes during the process, accusing you of a crime you never committed. An experienced DUI attorney can file a lawsuit to prevent the police from pressing charges against you for a crime you never committed.

19 April 2022

Why You Should Contact a Car Accident Lawyer When Involved an a Hit-And-Run Incident


Your life can be ruined by a negligent individual who hits you and flees from the collision scene. Most runaway drivers do so because they're intoxicated, driving without a valid license, or have stolen a vehicle and don't want to get caught. If you suffer injuries because of this type of crash, a lawyer can help you get reimbursed. Here's why you need to contact a car accident lawyer.  Ensuring Claims are Accepted

4 March 2022

How To Qualify For SSDI Benefits With A Mental Disorder


If you are suffering from a mental disorder and you are having a difficult time remaining employed, you might not realize that you qualify for SSDI benefits. The SSA Blue Book, which is a list of disorders that qualify patients for SSDI benefits, lists several mental disorders as qualifying conditions. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with a Social Security disability attorney. Mental Disorders That Qualify You for SSDI Benefits

17 January 2022