Why You Should Contact a Car Accident Lawyer When Involved an a Hit-And-Run Incident


Your life can be ruined by a negligent individual who hits you and flees from the collision scene. Most runaway drivers do so because they're intoxicated, driving without a valid license, or have stolen a vehicle and don't want to get caught. If you suffer injuries because of this type of crash, a lawyer can help you get reimbursed. Here's why you need to contact a car accident lawyer. 

Ensuring Claims are Accepted

The law has limits on when you can file a claim after a crash. This may vary from a few months to years, depending on your state. However, it may be tolled if the driver is nowhere to be found. An attorney will tell you the deadline for submitting your request and if the rules have changed. They'll also ensure your insurer knows the extenuating circumstances surrounding your case and what caused your collision.

On top of that, they'll fill out the extensive paperwork on your behalf and tell you the documentation you need to receive your money. This includes medical records, police reports, and the vehicle's original title. Through these documents, they'll get you the settlement you need. If there are any discrepancies with the collision report, they'll make sure they're solved before filing a lawsuit against the driver.

Tracking Down the Responsible Individual

Finding a hit-and-run driver can be complicated, especially if they're not in your state. This process could take weeks, months, or even years if you're trying to do it yourself. It's best to work with a professional if you want to save yourself from many headaches. Lawyers can find these individuals within a short period. They're connected to the police, insurers, and the DMV. Through information collected from these agencies, they'll get a clue of the driver's last location and have them arrested. They may also interview witnesses, co-workers, and the individual's family members to get more information about their whereabouts.

Reviewing the Magnitude of Your Losses

You may be entitled to three types of damages following your crash. These include punitive, economic, and noneconomic. Each of these has requirements that you should meet to receive compensation. An auto attorney will examine your case and advise you on the type of claim to file. They have years of experience dealing with these cases and can advise you on your entitlements.

Although hit-and-run collisions can take a toll on your life, a car accident lawyer can help you get justice. If you hire them, they'll help you get what you deserve and ensure the perpetrator is punished for their actions.


4 March 2022

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