What Not To Do When Out Of Work With An Injury


Hurt workers may be due benefits from insurance. However, some precautions are in order for those ordered to remain at home after a work injury. It can be easy to lose the benefits you need if you are not careful, so read on for some tips on what not to do when home on disability pay.

Understanding Your Benefits

Your employer pays a third-party workers' compensation insurer to cover their employees. This insurer, like all insurers, is wary of claims. Preventing fraud and waste is important to the insurer. They scrutinize claims and deny them when they are incomplete or inaccurate. They also keep a tight watch on hurt workers so that they can spot the signs of exaggeration, dishonesty, and more.

How Are You Doing?

This may seem like a simple question and most people automatically respond with "fine." However, if you are out of work because of a work injury, you are not fine. If you go around telling people that you are fine it could get back to your co-workers, employer, and eventually your workers' compensation insurer. Avoid this problem by keeping your medical issues to yourself. Never use social media to speak about your work injury, your treatment, or what you plan to do with the money you are paid from a workers' compensation settlement.

Just a Visit

It's only natural for those out of work with an injury to miss their workplace. However, think twice before you visit your coworkers. Once your workers' compensation doctor orders you to stay home, do so. Visiting your workplace can be taken the wrong way. Your coworkers, for instance, might begin to express jealousy that you are not working but are still being paid. Your supervisor, irritated that they are down an employee, may feel resentful about seeing you around. Your insurer, however, may wonder if you are now ready to return to work since you are visiting the job site. This is one of those things that may feel harmless at the time but that can later cause you to have problems. Just stay home until your doctor clears you to go back to work. 

Get Some Fresh Air

It's tough being stuck at home with an injury. That is the best place for you, though. The insurer may be watching you every time you leave your home. They have the right to record you as you go to doctor's appointments, pick up some food from the store, walk in the park, and more.

If your workers' compensation coverage is in danger of ending badly, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer. They can help you fight for the coverage and benefits you need. 


15 August 2022

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