An Overview Of Serving An Individual With Legal Documents


Are you starting the process of filing a lawsuit against another person? Know that they will need to be given the paperwork in a formal way to ensure that the defendant is notified. Here is an overview of what is involved to ensure that handing them the documents is done correctly.  Initiate The Legal Process Everything starts by filing the paperwork with the court that needs to be given to the defendant.

1 June 2023

What Happens When A Will Cannot Be Found?


When a last will and testament cannot be located, is invalid, or does not exist, the deceased person's estate will generally be distributed according to the laws of intestacy. These laws vary by state but generally provide that the deceased person's assets will pass to their closest living relatives in a specific order. This process depends on the state's laws of succession.  What Is Succession? The succession process involves identifying all the heirs or potential heirs of the deceased person, and determining how the assets of the estate will be distributed among them.

27 April 2023

Updating Your Estate Plan Following A Divorce


Terminating a marriage often brings emotional turmoil and stress, making it easy to overlook crucial aspects. Estate planning is a vital detail that demands attention, as divorce can substantially influence your estate plan. Failing to update your estate plan may lead to undesired outcomes, such as leaving assets to your former spouse rather than the intended recipient. Update Your Will During a divorce, revising your will is a pivotal component of estate planning.

20 March 2023

Important Records You'll Need To Reach A Good Car Accident Settlement


After a car accident, you might be concerned with how much you will receive in compensation. Even if you are able to prove that the other party is at fault, their insurance provider will do everything they can to reduce your compensation. Record keeping and an effective legal team will allow you to increase the settlement that you will eventually receive. Make Sure to Get a Police Report One of the most important documents is the police report.

10 February 2023

Can You Sue For Other Things If You're Uninjured In An Accident?


A significant percentage of road accidents do not involve physical injuries. Further, the cases can be challenging to deal with, especially when you do not know what else might earn you compensation. Insurance companies can also be complex to work with when you lack bodily harm. More so, since they are in business for profit, you will need a lawyer to prove that you deserve compensation for the following damages. 

6 January 2023