Can You Sue For Other Things If You're Uninjured In An Accident?


A significant percentage of road accidents do not involve physical injuries. Further, the cases can be challenging to deal with, especially when you do not know what else might earn you compensation. Insurance companies can also be complex to work with when you lack bodily harm. More so, since they are in business for profit, you will need a lawyer to prove that you deserve compensation for the following damages. 

Car Repairs and Temporary Transportation Arrangements

You should file a claim for property damages if your car gets damaged in the accident. What's more, you can also file a claim for a replacement vehicle and damages if the cost of repairs exceeds the car's worth. So, talk to an attorney specializing in car accidents to learn your options. Note that you might spend a day or a week or longer without the car. Ultimately, this will inconvenience you, forcing you to spend money on a rental car or a rideshare. Hence, the claim can include expenses for short-term transportation like a rental car or bus fare.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering

A person's mental or emotional state can be just as detrimental as a physical wound. Sadly, most psychological damage takes time to diagnose. Note that tension, fear of sudden and loud noises, hallucinations and nightmares, fear of driving, and panic attacks are all symptoms of emotional and psychological damage after an accident. As such, showing that the psychological symptoms are directly related to the crash helps you receive compensation for pain and suffering in a lawsuit. As such, if you're having issues, don't wait to make an appointment with a therapist. You should also consult an auto accident attorney to help determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. In such a case, they will assist you in filing a claim to recoup the costs associated with your treatment, including any necessary therapy, rehabilitation, or medication.

Lost Income From Accident Complications

Consider pursuing compensation for any wages you might lose from the accident and its related inconveniences. For example, if your vehicle gets totaled in an accident and you cannot afford another means of transportation, you might be forced to miss work. In such a case, a legal advisor will know how to make this part of a successful claim.

These are just a few things you should consider suing for if an accident did not cause physical injuries. The best approach to the entire process is hiring an experienced auto accident lawyer to gather evidence to support the claim. Ultimately, they will get the compensation you deserve.

Contact a local auto accident lawyer to learn more. 


6 January 2023

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