Taking Your Personal Injury Case To The Appropriate Level


Accident victims may only be sure of one fact after an accident: they are entitled to money. If you have been injured by a careless driver, you may be owed money damages that will cover everything from your medical expenses to lost wages and more. The question is, where do victims turn for compensation? Almost all auto accident victims have a choice of venues from which to choose. To find out more, read below.

Insurance Might Be Adequate

Not all accidents are serious. If you were not injured, your best bet is to seek payment for your auto damage from the at-fault driver's insurer. If you were injured slightly, be careful not to accept a settlement too soon. Speak to a lawyer before you agree to an insurance settlement to ensure that you are not leaving money on the table. Even minor injuries and a quick trip to the emergency room can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills, and you don't want to get stuck with those.

Take Things to Small Claims Court

If your damages were small but the insurer is balking at paying you, small claims court could be an option. Unfortunately, many small claims court plaintiffs should be taking things to a higher court. That is because this sort of court judgment is severely limited in how much is paid out.

Accept a Settlement

You may not have to go to court at all. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case if you were injured and have quite a bit of damages. You may be entitled to:

  • Medical treatment costs.
  • Lost wages.
  • Future medical needs.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Repair or payment of your vehicle.

Your lawyer can conduct negotiations with the other driver's insurer so that you can be paid what you are owed. When an adequate settlement is offered, you can avoid court while also being paid for all of your expenses.

Take Your Case to Court

If none of the above does the trick to get you paid, you can always file a lawsuit against the other driver and their insurer. This is not a quick way to be paid, but you might have no other alternative. The process consists of discovery, jury selection, testimony, and the verdict. If you win the case, you can be paid within a few weeks.

Don't speculate on which method is right for you. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about the facts of your case and have them advise you on how to proceed. Continue reading more about personal injury law to learn more.


31 August 2021

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