Should You Contest A Reckless Driving Ticket?


Each time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you have an obligation to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. If you fail to meet this obligation, a police officer could pull you over and issue you a reckless driving ticket.

Individual states have varying laws when it comes to defining what reckless driving is, but failing to contest a reckless driving ticket in any state could have serious consequences. Consider the negative effect a reckless driving charge could have on your future before you decide not to contest the ticket.

A Criminal Record

Many drivers fail to realize that reckless driving is actually a criminal charge. If you do not contest the ticket you receive for reckless driving, the ticket could be reported on your criminal record. This means that you could potentially fail a criminal background check for a job or volunteer opportunity in the future.

An experienced traffic attorney can help you contest reckless driving charges to ensure that the mistake doesn't end up on your permanent criminal record.

Loss of Your License

It is possible for the issuance of a reckless driving ticket to result in the loss of your license. Depending on the severity of the charges, your license could be suspended for a number of months. If the infraction was serious, your license could even be suspended indefinitely.

Running errands, maintaining a work schedule, and staying entertained can all become more difficult when you lose the ability to drive a vehicle to stores, your place of work, and restaurants. By contesting the reckless driving charges, your attorney could get the charges reduced in order to preserve your access to your license in the future.

Increase in Insurance Premiums

All states require that drivers maintain auto insurance on each vehicle in their possession. The monthly rate associated with your policy could increase if you choose not to contest a reckless driving ticket. The ticket will show up on both your criminal record and your driving record.

An insurance company may deem you to be a high-risk driver because of the reckless driving charge, and your premiums could go up as a result. If you want to keep insurance costs as low as possible, you will need to work closely with an experienced attorney to avoid having a reckless driving charge logged on your personal record.

It is in your best interest to contest a reckless driving charge. Contact an attorney from a firm like Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP, then work together to contest your ticket in order to minimize the negative effect the ticket could have on your future.


16 October 2019

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