A Special Social Security Medical Examination


For those who have been unable to work at their jobs, the Social Security Administration (SSA) might be able to help you financially. When it comes to gaining benefits from the SSA, the importance of showing proof of your medical disorder is foremost. In some cases, you might be asked to participate in a particular type of medical exam known as a consultant exam. Read on to learn more about this exam and what it could mean to your chances for approval.

Why Must You Undergo This Exam?

There are several standards that must be met before you gain Social Security benefits but proving your medical condition is a must. In most cases, you will need to submit your medical records that demonstrate a record of treatment for your medical condition that corresponds with certain dates. Your medical care records must correlate with the dates you claimed that you became unable to work at your job. You must continue to seek treatment for your condition after you have left your job and you must follow all prescribed treatment orders, take medications, undergo diagnostic tests, and whatever else your doctor orders. If the SSA determines that the medical records and evidence of your medical condition that you have submitted are inadequate, they will ask you to undergo a consultative exam. This exam is used to verify the presence, severity, and extent of your medical condition.

What to Expect at the Exam

This exam is performed by a doctor that is under contract with the SSA – in other words, the doctor works for the SSA. This exam is focused on your medical condition as stated in your application only. If the condition under which you originally applied under has improved but you are now suffering from an entirely different disorder, you must begin a new application. The exam is provided at no charge but you cannot expect to receive treatment for your condition by this special doctor. The doctor will question you about your condition and will ask you how it affects your ability to do your job. Be ready to explain to the doctor how painful and uncomfortable you might be when certain body parts must be manipulated certain way. Those who are applying for benefits due to a mental health condition will undergo a different type of exam.

After the Exam

The doctor will submit a report to the SSA that provides their opinion as to your ability to work at your previous job given your medical condition. Unfortunately, the fact that this exam was ordered might mean that the SSA has reason to doubt that you qualify for benefits. Many people are turned down as a result of their exams, so speak to a Social Security attorney firm, like Attorney John B. Martin Law Offices, for assistance with your appeal hearing.


15 December 2018

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