Suing A Lawyer For Malpractice: How To Get Justice After A Bad Legal Experience


When you choose a lawyer to take on a case, you have the right to have certain expectations. You are paying the legal professional to help you out with your situation while providing legal guidance and support when it is needed. If you recently worked with a lawyer who you believe was negligent and slacking off on your case, you may have a legal malpractice case on your hands. Legal malpractice attorneys are available to help you get the justice you deserve after your other lawyer completely failed you and did not meet the expectations you had of him or her.

What Are the Grounds For Filing a Legal Malpractice Claim?

Different situations occur that could result in a legal malpractice claim. If you hired a lawyer to represent you in a case and you truly believe the lawyer did not pay enough attention to the case, ultimately causing you great suffering, you could file a claim. However, you are going to need to have some proof of what occurred. Before filing a claim, you can meet with a legal malpractice attorney to go over the situation you experienced in the past. These are some of the legitimate reasons why you may want to file a lawsuit against the lawyer you have worked with in the past:

  • The lawyer broke attorney-client privilege
  • He or she did not complete paperwork when it was due, causing you to miss out on opportunities or possibly even get into legal trouble
  • The lawyer was never available when you called and reached out to him or her to speak about the case
  • He or she made promises and did not live up to those promises or meet any of your expectations

If these situations occurred, you may naturally feel like you were duped by the lawyer who was hired to represent you. After meeting with a legal malpractice lawyer and discussing everything that went on, he or she could agree that what you were dealing with was a major injustice. Your attorney will gather different types of evidence to help support the legal malpractice claim you are making.

No one should ever feel like their attorney is not taking the best care of their case. When you hire a legal professional, you choose that person because you believe they are going to work hard for you to help you get through legal woes and various situations. However, you may feel the complete opposite. If the lawyer you hired did not do much of anything and you are suffering because of it, you can file a lawsuit for legal malpractice.


2 November 2018

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