Three Examples Of Attempting To Bribe An Officer That Could Lead To Charges


No one likes when a police officer appears to be ready to write him or her a ticket, whether it's for a traffic offense, a property offense, or some other type of situation. While accepting the ticket is always your best bet — and then fighting it afterward if you feel that you have a reason to do so — you may feel as though attempting to sweet talk your way out of the ticket might also work. This is an area in which you have to tread extremely lightly. Certain comments and actions may make it seem as though you're attempting to bribe the officer, and this can lead to additional charges. Here are some examples of things that you shouldn't do.

Offering Money

One of the most common types of bribes involves offering money with the hope that the police officer will take your money instead of write you a ticket. You'll find, however, that this is an idea that seldom works and will only leave you facing more legal trouble. If you're bold, you might explicitly offer money to the officer. For example, you could say, "Listen, I've got $100 in cash here with your name on it if you don't write me a ticket." In other cases, you might attempt to be subtler, perhaps sliding some bills into your insurance card holder when you hand it to the officer.

Offering Sexual Favors

Some people may attempt to offer sexual favors to the police officer in an effort to not be ticketed or charged — but the likely result is that you'll not only get the original ticket or charge, but you'll also end up with a charge of trying to bribe a public official. There are many ways that you could attempt to coerce the officer into a sexual exchange in such a scenario, including overtly discussing the idea and casually attempting to seduce the officer by touching him or her.

Offering Gifts

Offering a police officer some type of gift as a way of getting out of legal trouble is yet another type of action that can leave you facing charges for attempting to bribe the police. If you've been stopped in traffic, you might look around your vehicle for something of value and consider offering it to the officer. For example, if you've just bought an electronic device or perhaps have some tickets to a sporting event in your glove compartment, you might attempt to coerce the officer with these.

If you've been charged with attempting to bribe an officer, hire a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with such cases.


17 August 2018

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