Evidence For Divorce And Child Custody Cases


Divorce can be a hard time in life. This is especially true when there are children involved. The most important thing in these divorce cases is to make sure that the child is taken care of and put in the best situation. Many divorces are due to domestic violence or abuse cases. If this is the case, you will want to fight tooth and nail to make sure that you have custody of your child so that the abusive parent is not able to continue such bad behavior. Below are some of the important steps you will need to take along with your divorce attorney to make sure you get full custody of your child.

Persuasive Evidence. When you are getting a divorce and requesting full custody of a child, you will need to present persuasive evidence. Whatever history of domestic violence or abuse you can prove will help in your case to get full custody.

  1. Police Reports. In many instances, there may be police reports when it comes to domestic violence. If there are previous reports that have been filed against the parent, these can often be used to show that they are unfit for custody of the child. A divorce lawyer will be able to find the relevant information within these police reports and present them as part of the child custody case and will improve your chances of winning custody.
  2. Medical Records. If you have medical records that show injuries, these should be presented to your lawyer. These can often be accompanied by pictures of the injuries. If a child is injured by an abusive parent, these records will help prove that they are unfit for custody.
  3. Witness Accounts. There may also be witnesses to this abuse. Other friends or family members may have seen the abuse in action and can testify to what they have seen. If you can get these witnesses to write a statement or testify to your character and the abusive character of the other parent, you will have a better chance of getting custody of your children.

All of this evidence, along with other evidence you can piece together, shows that the abusive parent is not a good option for custody of the child. Your divorce attorney will be able to help you get the proper documents and evidence and present it in a meaningful way so that you have the best chance of winning. For more information, contact a firm such as Law Office of Jeffrey Dragon.


19 August 2015

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